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GigaMedia Limited is listed on the Nasdaq under the ticker: GIGM. In Q1, 2010, the GigaMedia Everest business unit will be 60% owned by Mangas Gaming and 40% by GigaMedia as a result of a strategic alliance formed in December 2009.

GigaMedia will hold an investor conference call on Thursday, May 27 to discuss GigaMedia's first-quarter 2010 financial results and recent developments. GigaMedia will provide further details regarding the investor conference call.

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GigaMedia Completes Sale of Online Gambling Software Business Reports Preliminary Q1 2010 Results, May 12, 2010.

HONG KONG, May 13, 2010 – GigaMedia Limited (NASDAQ: GIGM) today announced that it has completed the sale of a 60 percent interest in its online gambling software business to Mangas Gaming, a leading European sports betting and online gambling group.

The sale has immediate effect. GigaMedia expects to record a significant one-time gain in the second quarter as a result of the transaction.

Mangas Gaming is jointly owned by the Lov Group of famed media executive Stephane Courbit – and SBM – the Société des Bains de Mer de Monaco, controlled by the Principality of Monaco. SBM is the owner of the world renown Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco. Mangas Gaming is a leader in European gambling with operations including BetClic, Expekt, and Bet-at-Home, together offering sports betting, poker and casino services to over four million registered users in over 25 countries.

"We are very pleased to join our Everest Poker business with Mangas Gaming to create one of Europe's largest and best gaming platforms," stated GigaMedia Chief Executive Officer Arthur Wang. "Together we have the size and scale to claim top market share in the large European Community, providing the highest entertainment value for our players and thereby driving the best investment value for our shareholders."

GigaMedia 2008 Form 20-F is avaiable (thx CJ for the link). A few highlights from the 20F (which were not mentioned in the Q1 conference call) are:

  • On March 9, 2009, we entered into a strategic alliance with Numen Soft Co. Ltd. (“Numen Soft”), an online game developer
    in South Korea. In connection with the strategic alliance, we acquired the ordinary shares of Numen Soft. As of May 31, 2009, we
    held 10 percent of the ordinary shares of Numen Soft. (see p.21)
  • On May 26, 2009, we entered into a strategic alliance with Gorilla Banana Entertainment Corp. (“GBE”), an online game
    developer in South Korea. In connection with the strategic partnership, we acquired the ordinary shares of GBE. Upon completion
    of the transactions on June 6, 2009, we held 19.9 percent of the ordinary shares of GBE. (see p. 21)
    • CDC Corporation is also an Gorilla Banana Entertainment Corp. investor (see their 2007 AR). From the CDC Web site: CDC Games is a leader in online and mobile games in China, based on the popularity of its games as reflected by Baidu.com search rankings, and has more than 150 million registered users.
    • LESTER A. WONG is general counsel of GigaMedia Company. Prior to joining GigaMedia, Mr. Wong was the senior legal counsel in CDC
      Corporation (NASDAQ: CHINA), a provider of enterprise software, online games, and Internet and media services. (p. 71)
  • More notes from the 2008 20F to be added.

GigaMedia 2009 Q1 Conference Call Transcript (June 9, 2009 event) is available is available now . Minor edits are still ongoing (version number will be at 1.0 when edits are finished). A summary to be added here. The transcript of the prepared remarks (excluding the question and answer portion of the call) is available from GigaMedia.

GigaMedia 2009 Outlook Watch -- an annotated index into the March 31st Conference Call:

The March 31, 2009 Gigamedia conference call on Q4 and full year 2008 results provided a comprehensive outlook for 2009. The following are some of the key events and possible events for 2009 that GIGM management discussed (along with links into the related CC transcript):

Potential Merger mergers and acquisitions: GIGM has retained a financial adviser and is in discussions with several parties [ A14]. Also note Arthur's business intellegence investment comment [A08]

We are now starting to get a return on the significant investments made in 2008. We now have dramatically improved visibility into our business and with greater facility and speed. With these tools we look forward to deep, accurate and timely database marketing across the platform based on a refined understanding of customer behavior and profiles all to maximize player life term buy out value. (emphasis added)

and also note Arthur's answer to a question about US regulation [A16]:

The fiscal crisis in the United States will certainly be an impetus for the repeal of the prohibition act that was pasted a couple of years ago. It now looks like there will be two bills moving through Congress and the list of supporters is continuing to grow. At the same time there is also movement in California for a state bill to legalize poker in California. We believe that as the only United States written, born and bred software, the only Sarbane Oxley compliant, the only US corporate governance compliant firm that we will not only be the first in-line to receive a US license but also the first to receive actual US operating license. Naturally this is an enormous opportunity for us and combined with sponsorship of the US World Series of Poker we believe represents the huge upside for our business. (emphasis added)

Media and Entertainment Deals: GIGM is in discussions with strong local media groups and entertainment firms, including partners in Italy, France, Germany and Spain[A08].

Luna Online China Launch: GIGM expects to launch Luna Online in China summer 2009. Luna Online could rival World of Warcraft in popularity [A13].

NBA Online Launch: GIGM expects NBA Online to be a major hit, ready for commercial launch in China and Taiwan by Q3/Q4 this year [T05].

Warhammer Online Launch: For the Taiwan market, GIGM expects a beta in April/May and commerical launch June 2009 [T04].

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PartyPoker and Party Casino were great sites. However, after multiple ownership changes and current GVC operations, I can no longer recommend any of the Party brands.

In my opinion, GVC have made arbitrary changes to historic accounts and refuse to answer any questions. IMO, do NOT trust and avoid all GVC brands!

PartyPoker & PartyCasino, RIP. January 2019


GIGM 2008 Final Results Are Availble

The conference call is available at the GIGM Web site. PokerPulse is providing the call transcript, free of charge, here.

GigaMedia 2008 Q3 Conference Call Transcript is available for free from Seeking Alpha.

GigaMedia 2008 Q2 Conference Call (with Q&A) is available for free from Seeking Alpha.

GigaMedia 2008 Q1 Conference Call (with Q&A) is available for free from PokerPulse.

GigaMedia 2007 Form 20-F is available here.

GigaMedia Japan site is live: A Japanese site, www.janpachi.com, is registered to UIM and is live now. Thanks to cjboro for the heads-up on this new site.

EverestBets.com is live (and included in our 12 months of GigaMedia site traffic page. (thx cjboro for the heads-up).

Holic sites are live: www.holic.com.tw and www.holic.com.hk are live and getting good traffic. Thanks to Inishvickillane and CCraft for the Alexa links.

More sites are live: www.wartown.com.tw, a FunTown site, is live and provides links into the Holic and other related sites. (thx cjboro for the heads-up).

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Google News Search Notes
DoJ - Southern District of New York Check the press releases from the New York DoJ for possible updates on the June 18, 2009 grand jury hearing for which third-party payment processors were subpoened to testify.

Dragongate Enterprises Dragongate Enterprises Limited (“Dragongate Enterprises”), is 70 percent owned by GIGM and 30 percent by Cyber Gateway Pte. Ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infocomm Asia). (RL: GIGM 2006 20-F, page 29 of 505)

Electronic Arts Electronic Arts is a global leader in digital entertainment. GIGM has licensing deals with EA for Warhammer Online, NBA Street Online and other titles.

Everest Casino

Everest Casino is operated by Ultra Internet Media and powered by GIGM software. (RL: GIGM 2006 20-F, page 27 of 505)

Everest Casino revenues grew by 50% in 2008 on a year on year basis. [RL: GIGM 2008 Q4 CC]

Download Everest Casino for Free Now and find out why it is showed 50% revenue growth in 2008!

Everest Poker

Everest Poker is operated by Ultra Internet Media and powered by GIGM software. (RL: GIGM 2006 20-F, page 27 of 505).

Download Everest Poker for Free Now and check out the latest enhancements for yourself!

EYA Interactive EYA Interactive is a Korean MMORPG developer and operator. Luna Online is from EYA Interactive. More here.

FIFA Online 2 InfoComm Asia has licensed this game from EA. [RL: GIGM 2007 Q4 CC transcript ]


FreeStyle, a massively multiplayer online basketball game from JC Entertainment, was released in May 2007. T2CN holds the rights to FreeStyle in China. (RL: GIGM 2006 20-F, page 25 of 505).

FreeStyle was hacked in Q4 2008. As a result GIGM 2008 Q4 results were impacted . The FreeStyle hack issue This was resolved in December and both player activities levels and revenues have rebound sharply. [RL: GIGM 2008 Q4 CC ]


GIGM acquired FunTown, an online games business, in January 2006 to strengthen our online entertainment business. Founded in 1998, FunTown is one of the leading casual games platforms in Asia, with over 9 million registered users and an offering of more than 40 casual games and services in Greater China as of June 15, 2007. FunTown generates revenues through access fees and also through the sales of various in-game items. (RL: GIGM 2006 20-F, page 25 of 505).

In Q4, 2008, Funtown average monthly revenue per active paying account was $19.59 USD during the period. [RL: GIGM 2008 Q4 CC ]

More on FunTown sites here.

JC Entertainment JC Entertainment is the developer of FreeStyle. More on JC Entertainment here.

Gorilla Banana Entertainment Corp. On May 26, 2009, GigaMedia entered into a strategic alliance with Gorilla Banana Entertainment Corp. (“GBE”), an online game
developer in South Korea. In connection with the strategic partnership, we acquired the ordinary shares of GBE. Upon completion
of the transactions on June 6, 2009, GigaMedia held 19.9 percent of the ordinary shares of GBE. [RL: 2008 20F, p. 21 ]

GigaMedia Is GigaMedia selling its Everest Poker Business? [RL: 2009 outlook ]

Grand Virtual Grand Virtual is an online game software developer acquired by GIGM. "Powered by Grand Virtal" appears on UIM's Everest Poker and Everest Casino.

Granado Espada

Granado Espada (GE) is a MMORPG developed IMC Games and published by Hanbitsoft Inc. The9 Limited has an exclusive GE license for the China market. GE has launched commerically in Korea and Japan. (RL: The9 2006 20-F, page 37). Infocomm has licensed GE for most of Southeast Asia. (RL: GIGM 2006 20-F, page 25 of 505).
more on Granado Espada: • Infocomm Asia siteoffical web site wikipedia
interview with Hak Kyu Kim, GE creator (August 2007)


Hellgate:London (HG:L) is a MMORPG published by Hanbitsoft Inc. and developed by Flagship Studios . The9 Limited has an exclusive HL license for the China market. (RL: The9 2006 20-F, page 37) HL was at a pre closed beta test as of July 2007. Infocomm Asia has an exclusive HL license for much of Southeast Asia. Dragongate Enterprises (joint GIGM and IAH venture) will operate HL in the territories of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. (RL: GIGM 2006 20-F, page 29 of 505)
more on Hellgate:London: • Infocomm Asiaofficial sitewikipedia
• Watch Cheryl, from IAHGames, interview David Brevik, HGL Chief Visionary Officer, here.

April 2009 update: HG:L Launch date/status is T.B.D. -- the following quote is from the Infocomm Asia support site:

IAHGames will suspend online multiplayer service for Hellgate: London’s Alliance Server at 1200 hrs (GMT+8) on 21st October 2008. The suspension of service will allow IAHGames, Flagship Studios, and other involved parties to reassess the situation before moving forward.


GIGM announced September 17, 2007, that it has secured an exclusive license to offer and operate the hot new massively multiplayer online role-playing game Holic, in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. MGame is the developer of the MMORGP Holic.

GIGM successfully launched Holic in Taiwan, January 2009. [RL: GIGM 2008 Q4 CC]

IMC Games IMC Games Co is a Korean company, partly owned by Hanbitsoft, developing GE.

Infocomm Asia Infocomm Asia (IAH) is a Southeast Asian online games operator and distributor. GIGM entered a strategic relationship with Infocomm in December 2006. As of June 2007, GIGM holds the equivalent of approximately 28% of the issued ordinary shares of Infocomm Asia making GIGM the largest investor. The9 Limited (NCTY) is another Infocomm Asia investor holding an approximately 13% interest. (RL: NCTY 2006 20-F)
more on Infocomm Asia, GIGM and NCTY

Kahnawake Kahanawake is a Canadian first nation online game hosting site. It is located outside of Montreal. Everest Poker and Casino are hosted at Kahnawake. More on Kahanawake here.

Luna Online

Luna Online comes from the Korean game developer and operator, EYA Interactive. GIGM has an exclusive license to offer and operate Luna Online in China. Some quotes on LunaOnline by Thomas Hui in an April 2/09 PR:

"With its unique social systems and anime art style that appeal to millions, Luna has been a hit across Asia, and we expect it to be even bigger in China," stated GigaMedia Limited President Thomas Hui. "Adding Luna is a giant step forward in securing China's huge cute-style game segment and building a large, powerful online community."

Luna Online's exciting world of dating, raising families, and cute, manga-style characters have made it a top-ranked game in multiple Asian markets and winner of the "Best MMO" award two years in a row at the Bangkok Interactive Game Festival. (enphasis added)

mahjong online Potentially hot growth area in the Asian market. Is Mahjong the next hold'em?

Mangas Mangas is expected to partner with GIGM and eventually completely take over Everest Poker.

Mythic Entertainment Mythic Entertainment is the developer of Warhammer. More about Mythic Entertainment here.

NBA Street Online

GIGM has licensed NBA Street Online from EA. [RL: GIGM 2007 Q4 CC transcript ]

GIGM expects NBA Street Online to be a major hit in China an Taiwan with a commericial launch in Q3/Q4 2009. [RL: GIGM 2008 Q4 CC]

MGame MGame is the developer of the MMORGP Holic.

MMORPG Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) are a hot growth area for online gaming, particularily in the Asian market.

NaNaiMo online game An online action role-playing game from Toppig Corporation. GIGM has an exclusive license to operate NaNaiMo in the territories of Taiwan and Hong Kong. The expected launch date is late 2007. (RL: GIGM 2006 20-F, page 29 of 505)

NCSoft A South Korean game developer licensing its SP Jam game to T2CN. NCSoft licenses Guild Wars to The 9 Limited. (RL: NCTY 2006 20-F) <my be merged into Neostorm -- to be updated based on 2007 20-F>

Neostorm Neostorm Holdings Limited is a South Korean gaming developer in which GIGM has invested in December 2007. Neostorm was formed as a merge of four separate studios, including NCSoft. <to be updated > [RL: PR Newswire Dec2007]

Numen Soft Co. Ltd. On March 9, 2009, GigaMedia entered into a strategic alliance with Numen Soft Co. Ltd. (“Numen Soft”), an online game developer
in South Korea. As of May 31, 2009, GigaMedia held 10 percent of the ordinary shares of Numen Soft [RL: 2008 20F, p. 21 ]

online + pachinko or pachislo From the 2007-Q1 update: 'We are especially excited about our upcoming launch this summer of new games and products in Asia, including our suite of real-money Japanese games," explained CEO Arthur Wang. "We are building an online entertainment platform that will span Asia and offer a top game and other entertainment experience to our players." '
• more on pachinko here

Phantasy Star Universe Phantasy Star Universe is a SEGA Corporation game for which GIGM has an exclusive licenses to operation in the territories of Taiwan and Hong Kong. (RL: GIGM 2006 20-F, page 29 of 505) GigaMedia appears to have started operation mid July at http://www.psu.com.tw. More site details here.
information at WikipediaSEGA's official online game site

SoftStar Entertainment As of June 2007, GIGM holds an approximately 16% interest in SoftStar Entertainment. SoftStar Entertainment is located in Taiwan, has 600+ employees and owns sites like JoyPark.com.tw. Game development at SoftStar Entertainment includes a traditioinal 16-Tile Mahjong game.

SP Jam SP Jam is an indevelopment 3D snowboard game from NCSoft. SP Jam is currently in open test and is scheduled for launch October 2007. (rl NCSoft Q2 PR)
PlayNC SP Jam page here.

Tales Runner Talesrunner (or Tales Runner) is a multi-player obstacle running game that was launched in June 2006. (RL: GIGM 2006 20-F, page 31 of 505) It is licensed by FunTown for Taiwan and Hong Kong. (RL: aboutGIGMSites)
read about Talesrunner at Wikipedia.
• Talesrunner homepage links: in Hong Kong and in Taiwan

Toppig Corporation In February 2007, GIGM secured an exclusive license from the Toppig Corporation to offer and operate NaNaiMo, an online action role-playing game expected to be launched in late 2007, in the territories of Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The9 Limited The9 Limited is an online game operator in China with a focus on operating and developing MMORPGs.
more on Infocomm Asia, GIGM and NCTY

T2CN T2CN is an online casual sports game operator in the PRC (People's Republic of China). As of June 2007, GIGM hold majority control in T2CN. The9 Limited is direct competitor of T2CN.

Ultra Internet Media Ultra Internet Media (UIM) is the owner of the Everest Poker site.

XLGames GIGM has invested in South Korean Game Developer XLGames, December 2007[rl to 2007 20F update to be added when available]

Warhammer Online

GIGM has an exclusive license from Electronic Arts to operate Warhammer® Online in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. [see 2007 20-F]

Click Warhammer Online to read the Wikipedia entry.

Commerical launch of Warhammer Online in Taiwan is expected in June 2009. [RL: GIGM 2008 Q4 CC]

World Series of Poker

GIGM secured a multi-year sponsorship deal for the World Series of Poker. The WSOP is the oldest, largest and most famous poker tournament. Under the terms of the deal, Everest Poker will be featured on the felt at every table in the WSOP. [RL: GIGM 2007 Q4 CC transcript ]

GIGM amortization of expenses related to sponsorship of the World Series of Poker contributed to margin declines in the 2008 gaming software business. [RL: GIGM 2008 Q4 CC]