About Pachinko -- Tracking the evolution of Pachinko and Pachislo

Pachinko is a Japanese gaming device used for amusement and prizes and is related to pinball machines. Although originally strictly mechanical, modern pachinko machines are a cross between a pinball machine and a "Video slot machine" video slot machine.

The machines are widespread in establishments called "pachinko parlors". Pachinko is available online from several companies.

For more about Pachinko, visit Wikipedia here.

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Online Pachinko


Some of the online real money Pachinko sites (operating and planned) are listed below.


GigaMedia is the owner of FunTown.com.tw and other Asian gaming sites. GigaMedia has announced it is releasing Pachinko and Pachislo online games for the Japanese market. (rl Q2 Conference call)

KiwiCasino, as of August 2007, has a Pachinko game in their Asian game section. KiwiCasino is a PlayTech powered site. The game downloads and plays as expected.

Playtech released Asian games, including Pachinko, in Q4, 2006

"Playtech continues to devote significant resources to the development and launch of games in the Asian market. With the launch of Pachinko during the fourth quarter of 2006 and Solo Mahjong and Solo Mahjong Pro and a new version of the live gaming software and functionality by the end of the year, Playtech's penetration of the Asian market will be greatly accelerated. Other Mahjong products, such as the Duo and Full Mahjong tournaments will be launched during 2007 alongside the launch of other Asian card games." (rl PTEC trading update, 2006 Q3)


Information Sites


Some of the best sites with information about Mahjong are listed below.


Pachinko.net - a brief introduction to Pachinko is provided at this site which is apparently owned by SportsBet.com

  • Pachinko.net evalutates to the same IP address as www.sportsbet.com. ( on August 20, 2007)
  • Pachinko.net is implemented as an add-on domain at www.sportsbet.com. ( xxx.pachinko.net maps to www.sportsbet.com on August 20, 2007)

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