About Quick Clicks

PokerPulse Quick Click and PokerPulse About pages are setup to fill the gap between the many excellent financial news web sites available today and individual company specific ongoing and planned business activities and business relationships.

Publicly traded companies are required by security exchange rules to share material events and like information with investors. The exchange filing documents can contain a treasure throve of what are likely to be major events in the future of the company and the industry. Being sensitive to and monitoring news events around these potentially important events can provide unique insight into the industry and individuals company's future prospects.

For example, recent Cryptologic filing and conference calls have provided information about Holland Casino and have disclosed that Holland Casino does not yet have final regulatory approval to go live (apparently Holland Casino has these issues well in hand per the August 10th Cryptologic conference call, however details could not be disclosed on the call). Tracking news stories about Holland Casino, and the potential EU reaction to any regulation that excludes delivery of remote service, should therefore be prudent for anyone interested in the evolution of online gaming in Holland and the EU and in the future of Cryptologic. A quick troll of Google News in the past month has produced stories about EU warning to France to change its regulations for online gambling. Likewise, Italy changed its online gaming policies and issuing 14,000 remote gambling licenses in order to comply with the EU rules.

Similarly, Cryptologic filings identify WPTE as a customer and WTPE security exchange filings have provided unique insight into an instance of the Crytologic pricing model (i.e. percentages of revenue charged in fees, monthly minimums, start-up charges, etc.). The WPTE troll for Cryptologic information suggests that monitoring the news for key customers of a target company may also produce valuable information.

The links on the PokerPulse Quick Clicks pages, and related pages PokerPulse About company pages, are setup to help visitors view the current events impacting the company and online gaming. As a first step, we identifying our target set of companies for the online gaming sector, then add links to the best information sites that follow these companies and finish by setting up search strings (with explanation and context) to do Google News searches on the issues, products, markets, competition and partners that our target companies have disclosed. The new search results always order the current news hits by most recent first. In some cases, search strings do not yield new story hits. Such links are retained however for making future news checks.

Our objective is to first link to what is already well done and available for free on the net. We then select news search strings as suggested by security exchange filings and company news releases to fill the gap between existing information sites and the very company specific events that may have large future impacts.

Our bias in company selection is first towards the established online poker industry which PokerPulse has tracked since July 2002 and secondly towards the new market segments (e.g. MMORPGs) and the related players in the new market segments (e.g. The9 Limited). Although we are still growing our list of target companies, our list of companies is never intended to be exhaustive. Rather we want to find at few representative companies from as many different market segments as possible. So, all companies that are directly involved in the delivery of online gaming services are candidates. This may not be the traditional definition of the online gaming industry but we do feel bound by existing definitions. However, we do expect many refinements in our targets lists over Q3 and Q4 2007.

Please send us your comments and suggestions!! Thank-you!!