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June 28 , 2008

One Green Gamble PokerPulse WON't accept. Help us stop B.C. 'BILLIES from turning Kootenai Brown's Waterton-Glacier area - a pristine World Heritage Site since 1995 - into an open-pit coal mine! Unbelievably, Frostbacks in British Columbia, who have access to some of the world's last remaining undisturbed wilderness, can't wait to destroy it. Federal politicians have tried unsuccessfully for years to turn it into parkland but Premier Gordon Campbell now with help from Conservative Stephen Harper wants to keep the area open for business and at least one mining firm is poised to start digging.View an excerpt of the story and add your voice to the protest before the 'BILLIES get their crazy, wrong-headed way. Click here to join our Gamble Green Campaign to benefit the David Suzuki Foundation battling climate change.


June 14 , 2008

When 'Buy Local' isn't the best option: Gamble Green - Calculate the carbon footprint of foreign-owned super-sized casino resorts in fragile, one-of-a-kind eco-systems like Costa Rica, then YOU decide where your money is best spent! For the last few months, PokerPulse has done just that, trawling and polling a variety of authorities on global warming. View the best of our collected excerpts beginning here at The Roll & Shuffle.


June 7 , 2008

In the public square, under the spreading branches of a Lusitanian cypress tree, Here Is Where We Meet for a special game of cards in which winning is but a quiet pleasure. Click here for the name of the game and our location.


June 1 , 2008

As we ruminate through a glass darkly on the various talking points that might have formed the basis of negotiations between the U.S. Justice Department and PartyGaming plc - which purportedly wrapped up this week (see here) - we invite visitors to consider "a slightly less abstract and daunting wager," one we found recently in the New York Times' latest green issue, at Garden Gambles - a worthy addition to the PokerPulse Gamble Green challenge!


February 09, 2008

such a good
And loving invention.
An aeroplane made from man and wife.
Wings and everything.
We hovered a little above the earth.
We even flew a little.

View two of our favorite Valentine's Day poems at - alas! - Losing Streak. Guaranteed to bring the love home in a red-hot, heart-shaped blaze of glory.

More Valentine's day exttravagaza here.


December 15, 2007

Scandal upon scandal, looseness upon liberty. While his books of theology collected dust on a high shelf, one especially "gallant and amorous young spark" had a Spanish lute within easy reach, which he took down and strummed to a song about one of the local lovelies. Thomas Gage was was among the first witnesses to the corrosive effects of the New World's great riches on the Spanish and their divine kingdom. Discover the colorful wonders that awaited at Conquistadores


November 17, 2007

Bring on the girls! In honor of the magnificent performance by women in Washington last week, which may very well push Internet gambling "over the thin line that divides the floperoo from the socko," The Roll & Shuffle salutes the chorus and the intrepid Will to Win.


November 10, 2007

Remembrance Day. Here's to all the forgotten farm boys who left green pastures for adventure overseas despite impossible odds against a safe return - proost!


November 03, 2007

Mac-Cooler. Find out why Will Shakespeare's dark Halloween or Scottish Play concludes but never opens a new season of theatre, at the Roll & Shuffle under Omens and Lucky Charms.


October 27, 2007

World's Craziest Poker Game. Or at least Eastern Europe's. Could there be a game to beat the dark one described in Liquidation, a novel by Hungarian Nobel Prize winner Imre Kertesz, we wonder? You be the judge this week at the Roll & Shuffle here.


October 20, 2007

A cross between a burst horsehair sofa cushion and a condom hastily stuffed with a sock. That's how ex-pat author Christopher Hitchens ungenerously describes his frontal view as he determines to take the fitness challenge this month at a plum California spa. Read an excerpt from the author's own charming account of occasionally realistic fitness goals and objectives, a novice's take on various cures and a brutal self-assessment of the odds on his success, at Mortal Gambles.


October 6, 2007

His skill at poker was the stuff of legends. Indeed, he was able to send some of his winnings back to his old law office to pay for the disastrous home foreclosure case with which he began his practice and even square things with some of the investors in another failed scheme involving, of all things, frozen orange juice. Like him or hate him, Alan Greenspan recently rated him as one of the top intellects among his peers. Learn the identity of this week's mystery player at the Roll & Shuffle.


September 29, 2007

Charles A. Willoughby. It's the name of an intel officer Korean War vets won't soon forget especially after the release of top journalist David Halberstam's final book chronicling events that led to the devastating battle of Unsan. View a brief excerpt from this 2007 publication we keep in a carefully locked drawer hidden in the back labelled Loaded Dice.


September 22, 2007

In keeping with our top story, this week's best bet comes from Losing Streak. Years of Solitude is a poem by Dionisio Martinez from a recent contemporary American anthology describing a few of the shadow figures we ignore and occasionally become.


September 08, 2007

Fare thee well, gone away. But plenty left to say, especially by former British generals, in the happy wake of this week's withdrawal by UK military forces from Basra. Cups up to the 4 Rifles, the Royal Welsh and their return home, which now seems imminent thanks to a decision by government gamblers to cut their losses in Iraq. Join the party as PokerPulse celebrates the now much safer Gambling Warriors. Soccer fans will also find a PokerPulse tribute the golden-voiced tenor who scored a hit when an aria he was long associated with became the theme song of Italia '90. It's all there at The Will to Win.


September 01, 2007

Two-time Losers? Vancouver lawyers have been unusually generous to their alma mater's building fund this year. The reason may be empathy. Rooftop gardens, which have turned the Provincial Law Courts Building into a moldy, leaky nightmare, are about to be replaced, unbelievably, by MORE leaky rooftop gardens. Is another kind of garden 'green' behind the decision, we wonder? Find out at Gambling Lawyers.


August 25, 2007

Gyda phob dymuniad da oddi wrth PokerPulse. As the magnificent outdoor Glyndebourne Opera Festival 2007 comes to a close this weekend, we celebrate Wales - lush green land of world-renowned poets, baritones and brawny rugby players, many of whom may be spotted at this time of year in back lanes throughout the countryside huddled over unusual racecourses, shouting words of encouragement to reluctant competitors. More on a unique Welsh pastime at The Roll & Shuffle.


August 18, 2007

'Destiny caresses the few, but molests the many, and finally every sheep will hang by its own foot on the butcher's hook, just as every grain of wheat arrives at the millstone, no matter where it grew'. Discover the source of these bitter reflections as PokerPulse welcomes Turkey to the Roll & Shuffle.


August 11, 2007

Naked with summer in your mouth. Al Purdy, the people's poet of Canada, pays tribute this week to all the immigrants brave and bold enough to withstand the rigors of immigration to this freezing, wet country of beer drinkers. It was a perilous journey aboard ship that ended at one time and not that long ago with a quarantine welcome at Grosse Île, at the mouth of the St. Lawrence. Take a virtual tour of this historical island featured in Purdy's seasonally-titled collection at the Roll & Shuffle.


July 28, 2007

Full-tilt tankards this week to British-born Poker Alice Ivers, who became one of the greatest poker players and best faro dealers in the Wild West. All that book-learnin' in a fashionable Virginia school, especially in math, was put to profitable use by Alice when the family hied it during the Civil War to gold-beckoning Colorado. Read more about Poker Alice and other Celebrated Women Gamblers at the Roll & Shuffle.


July 21, 2007

The Chinese Territory of Macau is now the world's gaming capital ahead of Vegas, according to a recent report in Fortune magazine. Get the jump on strategy in Macau's favorite game, baccarat, at the Roll & Shuffle under China Gambles.


July 14, 2007

How well would your nation's leader hold up in an interview destined for publication in Philosphie magazine by the author of Atheist Manifesto? France's new premier Nicolas Sarkozy provided nothing less than a suave, self-assured confessional to Michel Onfray, an excerpt of which appears in translation in this month's Harper's. The European Union's newest exec offers some surprisingly personal insights, including a quotation from a favorite French novelist on the subject of love. Find the quote among pearls of gambling wisdom by France's most resplendent roues.


July 07, 2007

PokerPulse cups up! to BBC reporter Alan Johnston, 45, who was released this week against impossible odds to armed men in Gaza City after 114 days in terrifying captivity. We are proud to be among an estimated 200,000 supporters worldwide who signed the petition posted at the BBC website demanding his return. More on this amazing story at The Roll & Shuffle.


June 02, 2007

This week the Roll & Shuffle revisits a shadowy wood in lyrical Poland, home to many of the world's greatest poets, including Jan Kochanowski, whose laments at the death of a young daughter marked the beginning of Renaissance literary style throughout the Slavic world. Read 'em and weep at Losing Streak.


May 12, 2007

This week, we tip our poker visors to philanthropic gazillionaire from Boston, Greg Carr, who is injecting unprecedented levels of cash in a bid to save the once legendary Gorongosa National Park of war-torn Mozambique. More about Carr's big south African gamble, including his complete project plan online, at Gambling Scientists.


April 28, 2007

Vancouver, home to Olympics 2010. High-stakes winners thinking of playing the real estate game on a trip to Canada's wild 'n wacky West Coast during the festivities get a think-twice-and-then-again warning this week at Gambling Condo Buyers. While you're there, take a not-so-light-hearted look at the locals you'll be meeting at a new favorite blog, B.C. 'Billy Dillies. We got trees with that, eh?


April 21, 2007

With spring's long-awaited re-opening of the snowbound mountain pass, stir-crazy PokerPulse gives a nod to Jimmie Driftwood and his 1959 gambling classic recorded on one of the greatest party albums of all time. Horse enthusiasts will also appreciate the perilous mile-high-stakes gamble P.J. O'Rourke took recently in an obscure mountain outback. More on the Trigger-happy humorist at Kyrgyzstan Gambols.


April 14, 2007

Friday the 13th and the fix is on. This week PokerPulse bids hello and farewell to Pilgrim Kurt Vonnegut, who died April 12th at 84 after surviving the fire-bombing of Dresden during World War II and the rearing of some six children, three of whom were added when his beloved sister and audience of one died of cancer. During a lifelong search for rescue by a mythical blue fairy godmother, Vonnegut produced an array of characters and poetic sighs rich enough for writers to plunder for years to come. Heigh ho. And so it goes. He championed despair with a refreshing breakfast menu and a plea to the young to denounce the bottom line in his timeless essay collection, Wampeters, Foma & Granfalloons. Read Vonnegut's rundown on the players, the stakes and the odds In a Manner That Must Shame God Himself at Gambling Sci-Fi.


March 31, 2007

PokerPulse celebrates the long-awaited return of spring this month with John Steinbeck's 1932 short-story cycle, The Pastures of Heaven, the quintessential guide to garden gambles and gamblers. The stories are set in the rich, fertile Salinas Valley, where the dark, enduring hardwood floors of the author's childhood home are now trod by embarrassed tourists. The small book, so difficult to birth, represents the first stirrings of what would become Steinbeck's most important work so, naturally, most of his critics reviled it. More on this rough beginning under Losing Streak.


March 17, 2007

Raise a green tankard St. Patrick's Day to Paul McCartney-ex Heather Mills, who blew the competition at Unusual Bets out of the water with an especially unique dance gamble week. Hoist another to handsome paddy John Morrissey, a huge, brawling boxer whose Matilda Street club effectively launched serious gambling in Saratoga Springs. Although he had a cash-only policy and barred women and local citizens from gaming, Morrissey was enormously successful, donating dazzling sums to charity. His club was later bought by Richard Canfield, the Prince of Gambling, whose lavish redecorating is still very much in evidence today. More about Morrissey, Canfield and the debaucheries of Victorian gamblers under Yanks.


March 3, 2007

If March came in like lion, the roar you hear may be Canuck re-wannabe, British Lord Conrad Black, decrying the criminal charges he faces in Chicago this month - including fraud, racketeering, obstruction of justice, money laundering, mail and wire fraud - as American opprobrium. Although both Black and his Canadian attorney, 'Fast Eddie' Greenspan, are convinced victory is inevitable, counsel's solicitude toward his client and the risk posed if he chooses to testify is reflected in a somewhat unusual game we've recorded at Unusual Bets.


February 24, 2007

Something's rotten in Denmark, but it's nothing a mother can fix even if she's a royal. Poor Gerutha, tethered to King Yobbo in darkest Elsinore, laments her lack of sway with her only child, a moody, sickly whelp named Amleth, who prefers the company of a half-demented jester, and the inscrutable, clattering games designed to repel and exclude her. Check out our latest celebrated northerner in John Updike's novel based on Shakespeare's tragic play under Scandinavian Gamblers at the Roll & Shuffle.


February 17, 2007

If you haven't yet experienced the pleasures and perils of a brick and mortar casino, take a virtual tour tonight with a pit boss named Bennett, who keeps watch over four blackjack tables at Casino Windsor. Inbetween breaking up fights, he'll introduce you to a few of the local characters, including the infamous urinator. More on Brian Hutchinson's text, Betting the House, under Hosers, eh? at the Roll & Shuffle.


February 14, 2007

New York wit Dorothy Parker celebrates the royal flush of a pair of media darlings in an excerpt from Life's Valentines, another lost poem reclaimed at the Big Apple, while across Long Island Sound, an especially rum Plum celebrates 59 years of marrital bliss with a renewed vow never again to spill tobacco on the hearth of the love nest. More on the rare chirruping love song of the Wodehouse turtledoves at Impossible Odds.


February 10, 2007

In deference to the complexity of the many legal challenges currently facing the Internet gambling industry, the best bet this week comes from a new short story collection by New York Living Landmark and former litigator Louis Auchincloss, whose narrator in a story called Due Process lives only to win. More on the game under Gambling Lawyers.


February 3, 2007

Follow IBM's cyber star trek to a new frontier known as Second Life, a holodeck-style fantasy land where one player has developed a new gambling game recently licensed by Game Boy advance. More about Tringo under Gambling Sci-Fi at The Roll & Shuffle.


January 27, 2007

In sympathy with our many winter-weary visitors this season, we have included an excerpt from the latest British Country Life magazine with tips on how to build a fire, including a review of which woods burn best. Find out how a log on the hearth might even help your poker game at Advice to Gamblers.


January 20, 2007

Take a virtual tour at the Roll & Shuffle of Fort Griffin, TX, where men drank, gambled, quarreled and fought, indifferently dumped hundreds of dollars over the bar and killed each other over a quarter suspicioulsy taken in a poker game. More on the new biography of Doc Holliday by Gary L. Roberts at the Wild, Wild West. More on another celebrated patron of the Beehive Saloon, Lottie Deno, under Famous Women Gamblers.


January 13, 2007

In deference to the exciting legal twist BoS attorneys put forward in that company's recent motion to dismiss the indictment over U.S. Internet gambling (see top story), our best bet this week comes from Barry Unsworth's 1966 novel, The Partnership. The story opens in an art studio, where the protagonist is doing his best to resist an urge to 'befoul' opponents, who remind him not of U.S. anti-gambling laws but 'domestic complicity' of another form. More on Foley and a few of our favorite UK gambles at Punters.


January 6, 2007

British octogenarian bon vivant, Sir John 'Falstaff' Mortimer, totes up the once-sacred civil liberties lost or trampelled beyond legal reason in his latest novel, Rumpole and the Reign of Terror, featured under Gambling Lawyers at the Roll & Shuffle.


December 31, 2006

'Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal, and a Happy New Year'
What's 10-year-old Kevin McCallister, a Chicago native alone at the (then) newly redecorated Plaza Hotel, doing at The Roll & Shuffle? Find out what's up in the Big Apple.


December 24, 2006

Find out how poker may have saved the lives of hundreds of servicemen at Pearl Harbour December 7, 1945 during the surprise attack led by a notable Japanese gaming enthusiast. View our latest post at the Roll and Shuffle, Gambling Warriors.


December 16, 2006

Israeli billionaire Avi Shaked, who made his fortune in Internet gambling, is offering Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, a leader of the Islamist militant group Hamas, $1-billion if he and his Israeli counterpart, Ehud Olmert, can reach a peace agreement. There's even a first instalment of $100 million if they just start talking. More on these and other notably Impossible Odds at the Roll and Shuffle.
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