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Poker is a card game, the most popular of a class of games called vying games, in which players with fully or partially concealed cards make wagers into a central pot, which is awarded to the player or players with the best combination of cards or to the player who makes an uncalled bet.... more

As you are probably aware, the US-facing poker sites of PokerStars, FullTiltPoker and UB/AB have been blocked by the United States Department of Justice. PokerStars and FullTilt have stopped accepting US players and there are widespread reports that players have been experiencing difficulty withdrawing funds.

The developments in the US will not have any impact on PartyPoker or on any of their other brands, because PartyPoker exited from the US market after the law changed in 2006 and has made its settlements with the US DOJ.

PartyPoker is the clear and safe choice for online poker in Canada. And most importantly, PokerPoker has excellent capacity to provide unparalleled speed of play in a reliable and safe environment using systems that have been developed and tested over the last 10 years as witnessed by PokerPulse who has been tracking PartyPoker online play since 2001.

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#1    PP PartyPoker              
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#2    Pp iPoker (by Playtech) -
Sun Poker™ -  
        P      Everest Poker         More about Everest Poker and GigaMedia here.                   

        PP      Ladbrokes    Ladbrokes for Poker, casino, sports betting!!
   May 2008: Ladbrokes has a Welcome Bonus up to $500!!!    Download and try Ladbrokes now!!
        PP      Paradise Poker    Paradise Poker
        Pp      International Poker Network     


Popular online sites, that accept US players and which you should AVOID because of possible future DOJ action resulting in your account being frozen for long periods of time (or just gone for ever), include:
   X Bodog Poker        
   X Full Tilt Poker        
   X PokerNetwork        
   X PokerStars        
   X Prima Network        
   X UltimateBet / Absolute        
   X World Online Network        
About Rank [^]

The poker room and poker network rankings are based our observations of the real money hands and tournaments played in recent weeks. A #1 indicates the most active room/network. A room without a #1, #2 or #3 means PokerPulse does not estimate activity for that room/network.

The letters in the ranking have the following meaning:

PP in the rank column indicates the room/network is operated by and owned by a publicly traded company.

P in the rank column indicates the room/network is either operated by or owned by a publicly traded company.

Pp in the rank column indicates the room/network operator is a publicly traded company and some of the rooms on the network are owned by publicly traded companies.

X indicates that neither the room/network owner or operator is a publicly traded company.

_ indicates a to be determined status for public / private ownership.

Click here for more information on using rankings to chose an online poker room.


About Forecasts [^]

PokerPulse Action Forecasts are estimates of the real money poker activity levels you can expect to find in the next hour, in 2 hours and in 4 hours from the current time.

Our estimates cover each hour of the week. The forecasts are changed at the start of each hour. Refresh this page to view the latest forecasts.   

The Action forecast color codes for the action forecasts are setup as follows:

  GREEN: High or Peak real money poker activity. The busy hours for a room or network will show up in GREEN.
  YELLOW: Real money poker activity is slowing.
  RED: Low or Quiet real money poker activity. The hour(s) with the least amount of traffic will show as RED.
  No color code means a forecast is NOT available.

Use our quick clicks page to get the latest news for many of the publicly traded online poker companies.

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One Green Gamble PokerPulse WON't accept. Help us stop B.C. 'BILLIES from turning Kootenai Brown's Waterton-Glacier area - a pristine World Heritage Site since 1995 - into an open-pit coal mine! Unbelievably, Frostbacks in British Columbia, who have access to some of the world's last remaining undisturbed wilderness, can't wait to destroy it. Federal politicians have tried unsuccessfully for years to turn it into parkland but Premier Gordon Campbell now with help from Conservative Stephen Harper wants to keep the area open for business and at least one mining firm is poised to start digging.View an excerpt of the story and add your voice to the protest before the 'BILLIES get their crazy, wrong-headed way. Click here to join our Gamble Green Campaign to benefit the David Suzuki Foundation battling climate change.
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This Week's Top Story:
Another Reason Why PokerPulse Has Had UltimateBet / Absolute in the X Category For Years!!. Quote for a story:

In reporting his two-part series about online poker, Inside Bet, Post writer Gilbert M. Gaul learned that the two big cheating scandals occurred at Web sites owned by the same person -- Joseph Tokwiro Norton, former grand chief of the Kahnawake Mohawk tribe located on a reservation near Montreal.

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