PokerPulse Gamble Green Campaign -- switch to playing online and save the planet!!

Gambler's Guide to Gambling Green

HELP stop Global Warming: Say no to air travel and switch to Gambling Online.


PokerPulse is committed to helping gamblers find Green solutions.

If, like millions, you enjoy gambling as a leisure activity, consider playing online to save the planet. Internet gambling is the clear winner when tit comes to the environment. Consider the carbon AND real money savings from a weekend trip to Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Macau, Monte-Carlo or any of the world's notable gambling destinations when you Gamble Green and place your bets from the comfort of home.

  1. Online gambling requires NO TRAVEL. More on the huge environmental costs of travel to smoky, airless, mega-lit brick-and-mortars burning bright all night 24/7 below.
  2. Compare the travel footprint with the carbon cost of a few hours on your ENEREGY STAR-rated computer. Again, Internet gambling is the clear earth-friendly winning strategy.
  3. Include the eco-cost of daily sheets and towels at a hotel PLUS the transport of food and other hotel supplies - especially to exotic destinations, then add in the economic and environmental impact on locals working to support a foreign-owned resort industry.

Make the switch! When you move even a small part of your gambling online, you'll be helping the planet.


STILL MORE reasons to join the PokerPulse Gamble Green campaign:

Gamble Green. Say no gambling travel. Refuse to be a contributor to the especially devestating environmental impact of air travel for the sake of gambling.

Gamble Green BONUS! When you avoid the carbon cost of air travel, you'll also avoid endless post-9/11 airport line-ups and other travel security measures that fail almost every efficiency test, anyway!

Gamble Green. Give the high sign to high-priced gambling resorts in exotic locales. Such developments all too often proceed contrary to environmental impact studies and pose a threat to fragile, irrecplacable eco-systems. AND despite all that sheet and towel washing, which also adds to the carbon trail, local workers are rarely paid on a level consistent with their western counterparts.

More on the new eco-threats locals face as a result of exotic travel PLUS a few surprises about where that beautiful 'local' produce really came from.

Gamble Green. Brick-and-mortar casinos stand at the forefront of America's latest and greatest anti-terrorist security systems. ... Ever wondered why?

Gamble Green and keep a safe distance from a few of the more, shall we say, unexpected, streams that may be flowing free at a brick-and-mortar - Phew!

Gamble Green. It may even be safer. Bear in mind that if you have a dispute about winnings online, there's a record at the website of every bet placed. If you have a dispute at a U.S. Tribal casino, immunity from prosecution provisions mean no U.S. court is authorized to assist.

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PokerPulse Gamble Green campaign FAQs

Is air travel and car travel bad for the environment?

Yes. Short haul air travel and car travel are the worst offenders in terms of carbon released into the atmosphere. See Air Travel and Climate Change at the David Suzuki Foundation, whose recommendation regarding travel is stay closer to home to help the environment. View the comparison of carbon footprints for various forms of travel also listed at the foundation's website.

But is gambling online the same as going to B&M casino?

No. Some might say it is more enjoyable to gamble online. Online poker is considered by many to be much faster/better than the game found in a B&M casino or even at home at the kitchen table with friends. Of course, a gambling holiday in Monte-Carlo or Macau does have its attractions.

For another perspective about online poker, please see the February 29, 2008 Vancouver Sun story by writer Randy Shore, "How we're becoming a Poker Nation".


You can help even more by telling your friends to check out the PokerPulse Gamble Green campaign. And please link to this page ( ). Remember:

Building super-luxury casino resorts in fragile eco-systems like the Caribbean is bad for the environment especially when the profits leak back to foreign owners. Gambling Green makes much better eco-sense and it helps countries with few resources such as Antigua diversify their economies, creating safe, clean  employment in the better-paying service sector, which in turn funds health care and other much needed social services. International trade law provides a helpful blueprint for the world to use scarce resources wisely and eco-cost-effectively. Facilitating remote gambling operations is but one example of a win-win for the environment and for countries like Antigua that gave up a lot to join the WTO in return for access to wealthy North American markets. We'd like to do our part to ensure they get a fair chance.

Send along any questions/comments to We will be pleased to post feedback below if/as appropriate.

Thank-you for considering the PokerPulse Gamble Green campaign!!