PokerPulse Letters -- What is the Canadian Position?


How pleased is Canada with its GATS-slash settlement?

Our e-mail to Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada:

From: legal
To: FAIT Contact Us
Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2007 12:56 PM
Subject: GATS-slash Compensation - Valuation?

I understand Canada has now settled with the almighty U.S. over GATS-slash compensation resulting from the Internet gambling dispute with Antigua at the World Trade Organization (WTO): (see above). Are we happy with this deal? Is there some sort of report indicating why or why not in addition to the method used to value the concessions? Has Canada made any of its negotiations documents available for public scrutiny?

I also understand that Canada once played an active role in the dispute as a third party but backed down - shamefully, in the view of many of us.

Can we assume from the above that Canada now supports the U.S. decision to effectively decimate tiny Antigua's economy?

If so, is this the sort 'playing field levelling' our potential CARICOM trading partners can expect from Canada if we sign the proposed free trade agreement currently enjoying promotion at your site? What about our potential CAFTA partners?

Are there any plans to allow actual Canadians (aside from Quebec Mohawks) access to Canada's domestic Internet gambling market?

How are negotiations progressing, if at all, toward Canada's entry into the EU? Green enthusiasts here would be most interested in acquiring Europe's energy-saving household appliances to say nothing of its excellent potations.


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