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CBC Early Edition online gaming story risks possible defamation claims!!

From: legal
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Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2007 9:56 AM
Subject: Early Edition Dec. 19/07

How free the local news team is with the public purse! How many tens of thousands of dollars must CBC waste in defamation judgments when reporters either fail to research news stories or allow themselves permission to be wilfully blind to the truth? Have you settled yet with Ontario MPP Doug Lewis ( Ex-MPP wanted CBC to say sorry; Doug Lewis suing broadcaster over gambling claims ) ? If not, how much have the proceedings cost taxpayers so far, I wonder?

A news program called The Early Edition in Vancouver this morning conducted an interview with a very questionable source from New Jersey who asserted without challenge by the reporter that Internet gambling is an industry operated solely by organized criminals, entirely outside of the law, that all Internet gamblers are invariably fleeced and that fully 15 per cent of them will become gambling addicts. Source went on to besmirch similarly Web host services provided by Kahnawake Mohawks outside of Montreal (more), to a number of remote Internet gambling sites. As you can see from Kahnawake and Antigua agree to share licensing information and Antigua updating regs to ensure int'l standards, best practices, Mohawks are collaborating with Antigua's regulators, who are among the industry's most credible.

Mark Mendel, lead counsel for Antigua in the Cross-Border Betting dispute with the U.S. at the World Trade Organization (WTO), which sounded TWICE in the island nation's favor, will no doubt be interested in your report. So, very likely, will PartyGaming plc executives, who were in Ottawa lately to address a Senate review of proposed amendments to the Criminal Code concerning Internet gambling (see Senate saves the day for online gambling). A former policy wonk from the U.S. Trade Representative's Office (USTR) recently called the Internet gambling dispute the most important WTO case so far. In fact, a group of experts was assembled for a teleconference just yesterday to discuss the ramifications of the EU settlement for compensation claimed by EIGHT nations following the U.S. decision to remove gambling services from the GATS agreement. (see Experts Detail Impact of US-EU Agreement on Internet Gambling). It may come as a surprise to you that Canada is, in fact, among the nations that have settled with the U.S.

Even Harvard Law School, for goodness sake, has set up a program to study poker strategy and U.S. Internet gambling law reform: (see Poker Strategic Thinking Society (GPSTS)!

This is the real story. Why isn't ANY of it included in your report? All of these organizations and representatives are in the news frequently and are easily available for interviews online or by phone. Their conspicous absence, I fear, has given listeners an entirely false impression of Internet gambling operations and harms a worldwide industry that involves, for the most part, fully regulated, publicly traded companies. Solicitors from the UK representing these corporations would be well within their rights to pursue this report under the usual heads of damages.

You would be well advised to mitigate your position by issuing a timely apology on the program along with a balanced report on the true state of the industry, which might begin at the London Stock Exchange or the UK 'Whitelist' (see Online gaming companies struggle to make Britain's new 'White List': ).

I look forward to the apology and revised report.


Tracking Internet gambling law worldwide.


More PokerPulse Follow-up

From: legal
To: ; ; ; Mark Mendel
Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2007 1:30 PM

FYI: Just a quick note to let you know PokerPulse is reacting strongly against a very injurious report on Internet gambling on CBC Radio this a.m. (Dec. 19/07) in Vancouver (and maybe elsewhere in Canada). Unfortunately, CBC is the only commercial-free radio news game in town so the interview - if one might stretch oneself acrobatically to call it that - probably reached a significant number of listeners.



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