PokerPulse Letters - To, March 2008

From: Editor
Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2008 4:07 PM
Subject:Antigua threatens to allow piracy

Hello Variety,

It's a good day when an international trade law story such as yours makes it to Variety. Indeed we give you a link for your efforts at our blog. I have no idea why reporters are so threatened by mere commerce slaves at USTR who are forced to defend this administration's very dubious, misguided and, frankly, un-American closed-market trade policies. How I wish just one of you would dig a little deeper and ask Mr. Mendel and his client country's elected officials what effect the U.S. remote gambling prohibitions have had on real people - not just in Antigua, where there are few resources to exploit - but throughout the wide world.

How many of us, I wonder, survive as members of a feeder industry, tracking as we do some aspect of Internet gambling? It's not just moguls like PartyGaming who have suffered over the U.S. pigheadedness in this dispute but small outfits like PokerPulse that struggle to provide interesting work for a number of otherwise marginal employees - people who would probably get left behind in our cutthroat culture without remote gambling.

At the end of the day, America is a nation of gamblers, as we've discovered at The Roll & Shuffle (see the posts at Yanks for starters), which makes it an especially attractive market. The wealth remote gambling generates via clean, green (see how MUCH MORE green it is than brick-and-mortar casinos here) safe jobs in the better-paying service sector surely makes it an industry respectable and valuable enough to protect and encourage worldwide.

What I hope most fervently is for the sinfully lucrative American film industry to be sufficiently outraged by the harm the U.S. position has caused Antigua and indeed the world that industry leaders will grow some guts and start lobbying the U.S. Trade Representative aggressively to stop restricting trade in gambling. That's the real culprit here - not Antigua, where many wealthy Americans like go for less visible rehab, not even gambling, which is, again, a primary source of Americana - but restraint of trade. Free and open markets liberate the world, distributing wealth in the fairest, most eco-cost-effective way. So open up!


L.M. Murray



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