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Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2008 3:35 PM
Subject: Re: Kahnawake Mohawks setting Canada's unwritten gambling rules

Hello Minister Nicholson and MP Cullen,

PokerPulse trackers were delighted to read a recent account in the corporate media of 'discussions' you're having in Ottawa regarding the possibility of regulating an online gambling industry here in Canada - one that might be open even to taxpaying Canadians with no history of weapons, armed stand-offs or cross-border smuggling. We were wondering, will Quebec Mohawks and one or two or the eastern racetracks continue to set unwritten Canadian gambling rules, or might 'interested others' like us be included among the 'stakeholders' in those discussions?

There are an AWFUL LOT of honest, law-abiding Canadians, including many sophisticated First Nations, who are tired of having our integrity mocked by the mighty Mohawks of eastern Canada who operate as Web hosts with impunity! How much of their remote gambling profits might Canadians reasonably look forward to in the way of disgorgement, one wonders? How much of MIT's profits to date would the Justice Department estimate as the proceeds of crime? Half? More? All? Could you or anyone else say truthfully that ANY of it was obtained legally? After all, there should be SOME penalty for the gamble they admittedly took. And if it happens as it should that Canada decides to open the market, what about the leg-up Mohawks will have acquired by virtue of flouting Canadian and U.S. laws? Because you've been asleep at the switch so long, these are now issues you'll have to include in those 'discussions'. It would also be a prudent federal government that resolves these matters before your U.S. counterparts take them into their own hands - and Treasury.

You're both right in thinking that Canada is going to have to take a position on Mohawks' illegal Web host activity. Why not be heroes and celebrate MIT's bold maverick initiative by making it openly legal for ALL of us to profit? Depending on our GATS obligations, Canada might even join our newest trading partner, Antigua, in challenging U.S. remote gambling prohibitions - make up some of our losses in the softwood lumber disaster. Europe's considering one, too. Just a thought.

Come on, Canada! Say Yes Minister!



L.M. Murray
Tracking Internet gambling and gambling
law worldwide.

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