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PartyPoker and Party Casino were great sites. However, after multiple ownership changes and current GVC operations, I can no longer recommend any of the Party brands.

In my opinion, GVC have made arbitrary changes to historic accounts and refuse to answer any questions. IMO, do NOT trust and avoid all GVC brands!

PartyPoker & PartyCasino, RIP. January 2019

PokerPulse Letters and Comments -- Our comments about online gaming industry issues.

Comment March 18, 2009 -- A poker/sports betting carve-out in UIGEA? Could it happen?

Blog January 21, 2009 -- Could this mean the end of Prohibition 2.0?

From ccraft, November 12, 2008 -- GIGM Q4 08 EPS + Segment Estimates - PRELIMINARY

From ccraft, October 26, 2008 -- GIGM Revision (10/26/08) - Q3 08 EPS + Segment Estimates - FINAL

From ccraft, September 30, 2008 -- GIGM Q3 08 EPS + Segment Estimates - FINAL

To:, August 2008 -- ...The federal justice minister has advised me to seek your counsel regarding the extent of your discretion to apply (or not) federal gambling prohibitions in Kahnawake. (See enclosed e-mail of Aug. 13/08). According to the minister, "The general scheme of the gambling provisions of the Criminal Code is to prohibit all forms of gambling, except those specifically permitted by the Code. While Parliament enacts the gambling provisions found in the Code, the prosecution of these offences is the responsibility of the provincial attorneys general." ...

From Ministerial Correspondence Unit (for Honourable Rob Nicholson), August 2008 -- ...The general scheme of the gambling provisions of the Criminal Code is to prohibit all forms of gambling, except those specifically permitted by the Code.

While Parliament enacts the gambling provisions found in the Code, the prosecution of these offences is the responsibility of the provincial attorneys general. If you have not already done so, you may wish to write to Mr. Jacques P. Dupuis, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Quebec, who is responsible for the administration of justice in Quebec. His office is located at Louis-Philippe-Pigeon Building, 1200 route d’Église, Floor 9, Québec, Quebec G1V 4M1.

To Canadian Minister Nicholson and MP Cullen, April 2008 -- PokerPulse trackers were delighted to read a recent account in the corporate media of 'discussions' you're having in Ottawa regarding the possibility of regulating an online gambling industry here in Canada - one that might be open even to taxpaying Canadians with no history of weapons, armed stand-offs or cross-border smuggling. We were wondering, will Quebec Mohawks and one or two or the eastern racetracks continue to set unwritten Canadian gambling rules, or might 'interested others' like us be included among the 'stakeholders' in those discussions?

To WSJ EU Ediition, April 2008 -- We've been tracking for some time now developments in the slow-burn trade dispute between Antigua and the U.S. over America's remote gambling ban, which many in the industry now refer to and not affectionately as Prohibition 2.0. Many of us are still catching our breath after the wildly disappointing result obtained in the arbitrator's report at Christmas when panelists slashed Antigua's claim of $3.4 billion - a figure arrived at by a legion of actuaries - to a paltry $21 million using a bizarre, utterly unprecedented legal approach we call the Four-Flusher Fantasy. (more...)

To Variety, March 2008 -- It's a good day when an international trade law story such as yours makes it to Variety... What I hope most fervently is for the sinfully lucrative American film industry to be sufficiently outraged by the harm the U.S. position has caused Antigua and indeed the world that industry leaders will grow some guts and start lobbying the U.S. Trade Representative aggressively to stop restricting trade in gambling. (more...)

Comments on EU Action Against U.S., March 2008 -- Having recently negotiated the GATS-slash compensation over the U.S. decision to effectively assert its sovereign right to continue protectionism in the gambling sector, the EC may now devote itself fully to pursuing a GATS-breach challenge similar to Antigua's. ... It [the EU] may uncover the U.S. agenda behind such selective prosecution of the industry. Many of us would like to know why, for example, private companies such as PokerStars and FulltiltPoker whose ownership is not clearly identified, are allowed to continue accepting U.S. bets without penalty, which in turn allows them to claim the monster share of world market; (more...)

Kahnawake Gaming Op Ed Piece -- In the wake of residential school settlements that have literally taken out organized religion in Canada, there may be understandably little sympathy for First Nations claiming a special and exclusive right to such a lucrative business. But if they do the homework to show their business is both eco-friendly and an important traditional feature of a unique culture, Mohawks may be able to persuade the feds to open up Internet gambling in Canada once and for all. (more...)

WTO Deal A U.S. National Security Threat?? Feb. 6/08 - A Gentle Reprisal -- One cannot help admiring the manly oomph and general righteousness prompting Ed Brayton the Bold to file Freedom of Information applications in an effort to learn the exciting details of WTO GATS-slash settlements. (more...)

Letter to Editor at the Antigua Sun (Feb01, 2008) -- Christmas must have been less than celebratory after what PokerPulse refers to as the Four-Flusher Fantasy, the bizarre, unprecedented strategy the WTO arbitration panel used to come up with the figure of $21 million as the measure of loss your island has suffered as a result of, shall we say selective, US gambling prohibitions. (more...)

Highlights of the Cross-Border Supply of Gambling and Betting Services Decision by the Arbitrator (Dec 21, 2007) -- The sorrow and the pity, the Lone Ranger, the Look-out, a call for applause, a call to account and the Final Four-flusher Fantasy. (more...)

Antigua gets $21 million ANNUALLY in IP concessions from the U.S. -- HO-HO-HO-hum. (more...)

CBC Early Edition source claims online gambling is an industry operated solely by organized criminals! -- Read the PokerPulse letter to CBC management here. (more...)

Japan's Position -- Is Japan pleased with its GATS-slash settlement? (more...)

What is the Canadian Postion -- How pleased is Canada with its GATS-slash settlement? (more...)

Free David Carruthers -- On Sunday July 16, 2006, David Carruthers, a British citizen, was arrested at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport in Texas, USA by US Federal agents while changing planes. He was travelling with his wife Carol (who was also detained but subsequently released) from the UK to his home in Costa Rica where they have resided since 2000. So, what is his crime? Is he a murderer, a dangerous terrorist, or even a white collar criminal responsible for embezzling millions of dollars? No, his ‘crime’ is to be a vocal advocate of online gambling regulation in the United States.(more...)

Call for Canada to Support Antigua at the WTO -- SAY YES to a fully open, fully legal, regulated U.S. I-gambling market. SAY NO to narrow-minded, un-American U.S. protectionism. Canada should grow some guts and support Antigua in the Cross-Border Betting Dispute with the U.S. (more...)


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