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PartyPoker and Party Casino were great sites. However, after multiple ownership changes and current GVC operations, I can no longer recommend any of the Party brands.

In my opinion, GVC have made arbitrary changes to historic accounts and refuse to answer any questions. IMO, do NOT trust and avoid all GVC brands!

PartyPoker & PartyCasino, RIP. January 2019

PokerPulse Quick Clicks pages using a mix of well established financial news sites and Google News to track the evolutoin of the online gaming industry. More explanation here.

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GigaMedia: Strategic Alliance with European Leader by Sale of 60% of Software Unit, December 16, 2009.

GigaMedia will hold a conference call at 9:00 p.m. Taipei/Hong Kong Time on December 21, 2009, which is 8:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time on December 21, 2009 in the United States, to discuss the transaction and the company's financial results. Individual investors can listen to a webcast of the call at ...[link update to be provided once available...]

Publicly traded online companies we have selected for monitoring the online gaming market:

Cryptologic (CRYP)   • Electronic Arts (ERTS)   • GigaMedia (GIGM)   • Ladbrokes PLC (LAD.L)   • Inc (NTES)   • Neteller (NLR.L)   • PartyGaming (PRTY.L)   • Playtech (PTEC.L)   • Perfect World (PWRD)   • Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limited (SNDA)   • Sportingbet PLC (SBT.L)   • The9 Limited (NCTY)   • Webzen (WZEN)   • WorldSpreads (WSPR.L)   • ( 888.L)

The symbols in parenthesis, typically a stock trading symbol for the company, are used below to link into the best information sites we've found for tracking these companies.

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2009 -- the end of Prohibition 2.0?

GObama confesses he enjoys a friendly game of poker!

Watch the videos here and then follow the link to the new White House Office of Public Liason and share your views on online poker and Prohibition 2.0. Do it now!!

PartyGaming News Release December 16, 2008 Discussions with the US Department of Justice:


...on the basis of the discussions to-date, PartyGaming expects any settlement with the DoJ to involve a payment by the Company of an amount that is significantly lower than that reported to be paid by Mr Dikshit in today’s Financial Times.  In addition, the Company believes that any such settlement is unlikely to include a criminal plea on the part of the Company or any director.


PartyGaming founder: Dikshit pleads guilty to online betting (December 16, 2008 story:

The two-year battle between the online gambling industry and US prosecutors reached a significant milestone when Anurag Dikshit, co-founder of PartyGaming, on Tuesday agreed to plead guilty to a charge related to internet betting and pay the US authorities $300m.


Judge Jed Rakoff set his sentencing date for two years from Tuesday and could penalise him with up to two years in prison and a year of supervised release.

But people close to Mr Dikshit said they think a jail sentence is highly unlikely, adding that the two-year adjournment in his sentencing was intended to give sufficient time for him to demonstrate he was co-operating with the DoJ.


2009 Events


PartyGaming February 6, 2009 Update highlights:


Continued competitive pressures, particularly in poker, where sites that continue to take bets from US customers are distorting the market, and a delay in the launch of the Group’s new loyalty scheme both affected player frequency. These factors contributed to a 14% decline in active player days year-on-year, although they were up 7% versus the previous quarter. Whilst gross revenue fell 7% quarter-on-quarter, the competitive pressures together with promotion costs associated with the relaunch of PartyPoker during the period meant that bonuses and other fair value adjustments to revenue increased to 27% of gross revenue overall, compared with 20% in the previous quarter and 21% in the fourth quarter of 2007. As a result, average yield per active player day was down 6% versus the prior year and down 21% versus the previous quarter.

(more quotes and links here)


GigaMedia 2008 Q4 and full year conference call transcript, from March 31st 2009, is available here.

Quote from Arthur's response to a question regarding US regulation:

The fiscal crisis in the United States will certainly be an impetus for the repeal of the prohibition act that was pasted a couple of years ago. It now looks like there will be two bills moving through Congress and the list of supporters is continuing to grow. At the same time there is also movement in California for a state bill to legalize poker in California. We believe that as the only United States written, born and bred software, the only Sarbane Oxley compliant, the only US corporate governance compliant firm that we will not only be the first in-line to receive a US license but also the first to receive actual US operating license. Natural this is an enormous opportunity for us and combined with sponsorship of the US World Series of Poker we believe represents the huge upside for our business.

Cryptologic Changes in 2008:

  • February 2008 Cryptologic switched CEOs. Brian Hadfield, a CRYP director took over from Javid Aziz.
  • December 4, Javid Aziz informs CRYP that he owns and holds options to buy 1,000,000 ordinary shares in Cryptologic. Javid asks for, among other things, updates on termination payments from WPT and WH for early contract terminations, the terms of poker business transitioin to Boss/GTECH, and more. PokerPulse has published the full letter on the Cryptologic page.
  • December 19, and Omni Casino, part of the Peak Group Malta Ltd. start their move to PlayTech. More details on the Cryptologic page.

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**Google news : • CRYP, • ERTS, • GIGM, • NCTY, • NLR.L, • NTES, • PRTY.L, • PTEC.L, • PWRD, SBT.L, • SNDA, • WSPR.L, • WZEN, • 888.L

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Knobias (breaking news updates):CRYP, • ERTS, • GIGM, • NCTY, • NTES, • PWRD, • SNDA, • WZEN

Seeking Alpha -- an excellent source for conference call transcripts: • CRYP, • GIGM, • NCTY, • NTES, • PWRD, • SNDA, • WZEN
Note: 2007 Q4 GIGM conference call transcript is available here for free. The GIGM Q2 2008 conference call transcript is available here for free.™ ratings : CRYP, • ERTS, • GIGM, • NCTY, • NTES, • PWRD, • SNDA, • WZEN

Smart Money : • CRYP, • ERTS, • GIGM, • NCTY, • NTES, • PWRD, • SNDA, • WZEN : • CRYP, • ERTS, • GIGM, • NCTY, • NTES, • PWRD, • SNDA, • WZEN

Yahoo Quotes (All) : • CRYP, • ERTS, • GIGM, • LAD.L, • NCTY, • NLR.L, • NTES, • PRTY.L, • PTEC.L, • PWRD, • SBT.L, • SNDA, • WZEN, • 888.L


Speculation on 2008 Major Events


From the 2007 Q4 GIGM Conference call:

Arthur Wang's Prepared Remarks:

This year we plan to acquire, merge or form a strong strategic alliance with a major European sports book. Sports are an enormous segment of the online gaming and betting space. But until recently our view was that regulations were to restrictive for us to be involved. As a result we have been leaving a lot of money on the table. The good news is that last year we have seen several moves towards licensing and liberalization in certain of our target markets and we have concluded that now is a good time for us to enter.

Arthur Wang's Response to a Question about the Sports Book and U.S. Market Liberation:

At this point in time, we are not ready to announce any specific terms or any specific deal with respect to a deal with a sports book. We think that this is a, I can't emphasis how large and important a step this will be for us. It is a matter I am attending to personally and we are fortunate to have built a very attractive brand, to have a lot of momentum, to have very strong consumer response. And so we are enjoying a situation where we have some good possibilities, good opportunities, good choices for us. We are exploring those very carefully. I think it will be a while still before we are able to announce anything. But we are making good progress. With respect to the US market liberalization, this in some ways is anyone's guess as to exactly when the United States is repeals the prohibition and adopts a licensed regulated regime. Most people think within a couple of years or so. But then again this is subject to the vagaries of the U.S. political process. There is as you as know in the United States a general acceptance of poker as very different from other hard core gambling products and other matters. Poker is on TV nearly every night on channels ranging from the Travel channel to Discovery, Leisure, to National Geographic, as well as ESPN and some of the traditional ones. So it is certainly a wide spread popular phenomenon. One I think that enjoys the kind of popular support which will ultimately see this as a again a legalized regulated operating environment.


Google Key Word(s) News Watch


Each of the key words and phrases below takes you to the corresponding Google News page, sorted by date. There is a brief explanation opposite each news search item to describe why the corresponding news is potentially of interest. (Note: Some terms currently do not have any news.)

Key Word(s) Explanation and Comments
Antigua + WTO

Antigua and the WTO are trying to open the U.S. online gaming market. The U.S. is resisting. Watch the discussion or read our take on it at our Caribbean forum.

China online gaming The China market has large growth potential and may become the trend setter for online gaming. How will China regulate? Will some of the billion dollar plus online gaming companies in China move into the world market? More on China and online gaming here. Will China allow Mahjong play for real money is considered here.
+ gaming
Cryptologic trades on the NASDAQ, TSE and LSE. Try the Cryptologic poker at Sun Poker™! Try Cryptologic casino product at CS Casino.
• More about Cryptologic here
DOJ + Internet + gambling DOJ action has rocked the online gaming industry several times in the past.
"Electronic Arts" ERTS introduced online gaming in Korea in Q1 2007 and achieved 100K peak hour users in the first 30 days and 3.5M unique users in the first 60 days. In 2007, ERTS took a 15% equity stake in NCTY (The9) and is introducing its EA Sports in the China market.
Entertainment Online GIGM and 888 have identified online entertainment as new revenue producing opportunities.
EU + Internet + gambling The EU is getting its house in order while preparing to join Antigua with claims against the US protectist policies at the WTO. More on the EU and online gaming here.
"Financial spread betting" Financial spread-betting is recent betting innovation which allows people to speculate on the movement of shares, stock-market indices, commodities, interest rates, etc.
Gibraltar online gaming Gibraltar is home to many online gaming companies.
GigaMedia GigaMedia (GIGM on the Nasdaq) supplies the gaming software for the Everest Poker site. GIGM is headquartered in Taiwan and trades on the NASDAQ (stocks plus optons).
More about Gigamedia here.
"Holland Casino" Holland Casino is a gambling monopoly in Holland and Cryptologic expects (May 2007 view) to launch an online site in September 2007. Will Holland Casino get an online license? Will the EU get involved if Holland Casino has an exclusive license?
Kahnawake Kahanawake is a Canadian first nation online game hosting site. It is located outside of Montreal. Everest Poker and Casino are hosted at Kahnawake. More on Kahanawake here.
Ladbrokes online A UK high street bet shop and online gambling operator that offers sports betting, casino and poker.
Try Ladbrokes for poker, casino, sports betting and more!!
mahjong online Potentially hot growth area in the Asian market. Is Mahjong the next hold'em?
Mangas Mangas is expected to partner with GIGM and eventually completely take over Everest Poker.
Malta Online Gilbraltar and Malta are expected to be approved locations for sites wanting to deliver services into the UK Market. For a list of Malta gaming license holders, please see the remote gaming section at the Web site at
MMORPGs Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) are a hot growth area for online gaming.
"mobile game" money Real money game on mobile devises is expected to generate an important future revenue stream. Inc NetEase provides online games, wireless VAS, internet portal and advertising services. NetEase online game services use licensing or in-house development of massively multi-player online role-playing games and include Fantasy Westward Journey, Westward Journey Online II and Datang.
online casino Casino play is one of the largest and most established sectors in the online gaming market. Virtually all online sites will include some casino type games.
online gaming
regulation or prohibition
Regulation or prohibition for online gaming?
"Online gaming M&A" Check for latest M&A news in the online gaming industry.
online gaming regulation
or prohibition
Latest news on who is regulating and who is prohbiting online gaming.
online sports betting Sportsbetting is likely the largest online gaming market sector. Many of the online poker sites are adding sports betting to their poker/casino operations. For example, PartyGaming has PartyBets and has just introduced a sport betting feature.
Pachinko online Popular Japanese parlor game. More on Pachinko here.
PartyGaming PartyGaming (PRTY on the LSE) is the largest online publicly traded gaming company. PartyGaming home page here. More on games here.
PartyPoker PartyPoker is owned and operated by PartyGaming. Try PartyPoker now!
PlayTech PlayTech (PTEC on the LSE) owns and operates the iPoker Network. PartyGaming owns the Noble Poker on the iPoker network.
Perfect World Perfect World Co Ltd, a Beijing based online gaming company, started trading on the Nasdaq on July 26, 2007 under the symbol PWRD. Perfect World Co Ltd offers multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) such as Perfect World, Legend of Martial Arts, Perfect World II, and Zhu Xian.
more on Perfect World, the game, from wikipedia here.
PokerStars A large privately held online poker operator that continues to accept US players at its online poker web site.
Shanda Interactive Entertainment Shanda Interactive Entertainment (SNDA), located in Shanghai, China, is an online entertainment and media company offering online games and interactive entertainment, including MMORPGs for the China market.
Sportingbet An AIM listed holding company that owns and many regional operations. Sportingbet includes SBEurope where affiliates can sign-up to promote:, Mobile Betting with Sportingbet! , Paradise Poker and many Sportingbet brands around the world, excluding the U.S.A. of course.
Square Enix Co., Ltd. Square Enix Co., Ltd. (Square Enix) with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, develops, publishes and distributes entertainment content including interactive entertainment software and publications in Asia, North America and Europe.
The9 Limited The9 Limited is an online game operator in China and is focused on operating and developing MMORPGs.
UK Online Gaming The UK is creating a licensing and regulatory environment to allow remote gambling services.
Webzen Inc. Webzen Inc. (WZEN) is based in Seoul Korea. Webzen developes and distribute online game, software licensing and other related services. including MMORPGs and X360.
WorldSpreads WorldSpreads is a spreed betting company. WorldsSpreads for financial markets and SportsSpreads for sports betting. WorldSpreads listed on the London AIM market (WSPD) in July 2007. 888 (888 on the LSE) owns and operates Pacific Poker.
99Bill 99Bill Corporation is an Internet company focusing on providing online payment platform services to facilitate online transactions in China. Perfect World (PWRD) is using 99Bill to provide bonuses to game players (August 2007).
Online Gaming Public Companies

PartyPoker and Party Casino were great sites. However, after multiple ownership changes and current GVC operations, I can no longer recommend any of the Party brands.

In my opinion, GVC have made arbitrary changes to historic accounts and refuse to answer any questions. IMO, do NOT trust and avoid all GVC brands!

PartyPoker & PartyCasino, RIP. January 2019